Oaktown Pirate
What I saw at Occupy Oakland #J28

-I saw Officer R. Kirkland shove a protester over the bike she was walking, and then the riot-line advanced and got their snatch-on.

-The same Riot Line had just shoved a senior-citizen to the ground and almost snatched him up too. [Video by fellow livestreamer Jeff Kloy]

-Among the footage my fumble-fingers did not save (but which was streamed live) included the same Officer R. Kirkland using his baton to swat the cell-cam out of a protester’s hand while the snatch-team was arresting another marcher who had fallen. The phone’s owner stood his ground and demanded his phone back (which was behind Kirkland). A Sgt came forward and allowed him to get it back.

-I saw Occupiers with defensive shields made from garbage cans being met with flash-bang grenades, bean-bag rounds pepper-balls fired from paintball guns (a.k.a. “The Battle Of Oak Street”). The grenades were used (again) in violation of OPD’s proceedures i.e. that they not be thrown directly at protesters. If that was a battle, how come only one side was armed?

-I saw a 19-year-old street-medic w/ cancer that the insurers won’t cover (pre-existing yadda-fucking-yadda) being treated by paramedics, crying out in pain.

Earlier at the 19th & Telegraph illegal kettle, was assiting someone who’d been tear-gassed, Badge number #119 swatted her with his baton while running uptown towards the YMCA where the march had gone on to. When I came to her, she’d gotten worse and friends had called paramedics.

Guess who OPD badge #119 is? R. Kirkland again. I wonder how hard it would be to google “R Kirkland 119 Oakland Police” and see if he’s already been d0x’d (not that I’d ever post such a link to the blue). But no, really. As an Oaklander, Rodney Kirkland, badge #119, is a piece of shit.

-I saw a snatch-team of imported cops grab a young woman for dancing threateningly at them. Nasty robot she had going on.

-I saw a metric fuck-ton of cops declare an unlawful assembly and square off against me & 2 other pot-smoking livestreamers, a few MSM cameras, and barely enough people in Oscar Grant Plaza to fill the Peet’s Coffee on 13th.

-I saw Alameda County Sheriff’s bring a fucking TANK to arrest ~400 people who, after an illegal kettle w/ no avenue of escape offered, were ALLOWED INTO THE YMCA BY THE STAFF INSIDE WHO UNLOCKED THE DOORS. About a hundred made it out the back door, ~ 300 got arrested.


The mainstream media is full of shit. Get a fucking camera and get out there, see/film for yourself. Pix, or it didn’t happen. BE THE MEDIA!

And like I posted a little while ago:

Film the police, run a tape for the underclass
Get the face, name, number on the badge
They flash, we flash back
When they act disorderly, react accordingly & capture all we see
Nightstick, zipties, and tasers, think you’re licensed fore type-vicious behavior
Make the tight fist with the video trained towards the pigs like this
They trip, and we make ‘em famous

For all the raw vid from the day (that I saved), go to my stream page: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/oaktownpirate