Oaktown Pirate

On Occupy Oakland #J28 Move-in Day march, Officer Rodney Kirkland, OPD badge #119, SHOVED a woman off her bike as the riot-line advanced past her, and they arrested her. I later witnessed Kirkland swat a cam-phone out of a protester’s hand while he was filming an arrest, but I didn’t save the footage.

Kirkland is also accused of swatting an OO Street-Medic later in the day w/ his BIG-MAN STICK. Said medic happens to be a 19yo cancer patient who weighs ~100lbs (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/oct/28/occupy-san-francisco-cancer-patient

­) , who was at the time kneeling on the ground, treating someone for tear-gas at the ILLEGAL KETTLE @ 19th & Telegraph (No exit option was offered). Vid of Miran being carried by paramedics into the ambulance calling out “OFFICER 119!” coming soon.

Rodney Kirkland, as an Oaklander I’m am fucking ASHAMED to see you wearing the uniform of my City. You are a fucking VIOLENT, PROTO-FASCIST MENACE, and people from Scotland, Cairo, India, NZ/Australia, and ALL OVER THE FUCKING WORLD know your name and badge number (119) and WATCHED YOU LIVE AND DIRECT ON THE INTERNET being an abusive piece of shit.

These pictures are forever, and forever your name (Rodney Kirkland, OPD #119) will be associated with BEING A VIOLENT, ABUSIVE PIECE OF SHIT HIDING BEHIND A BADGE!

I fucking love technology. TRANSPARENCY, AHOY!